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Friday, 28 September 2018

''Sport as a tool for social inclusion''

Olympiacos organized an impressive event on Wednesday (26/9) and sent a double message for the social integration of refugees through sport and the encouragement of the participation in sport activities. Our club, which coordinates the ‘’You’re Hope’’ project and participates in the #BeActive action, had an active role in the European week of sport.
Read what the coaches and the Managers of Olympiacos Academies stated about the actions:

Manolis Tsirogiannis (Director of Academies): ‘’#BeActive gives our athletes the opportunity to practice all the sports, know each other more and enjoy their time. At the same time, participating in the European project ‘’You’re Hope’’, we are trying to integrate the young refugees who have lost their homelands, into our sport and society’’.

Dimitris Krimitzas (Football Coach): ‘’During this action, children gain an experience in different sports and learn about their positive and negative issues. At the same time, young refugees participate in sports activities under the guidance of top professional coaches in Greece, which is very important for the social profile of our club’’.

Antonis Tsakiropoulos (Volleyball Coach): ‘’Olympiacos is the most organized club in Greece and its Academies are working in all sports properly. This action encourages the children to choose a sport that suits them better. Moreover, we are trying to help young refugees who have faced many difficulties, make a new start in their lives through sport and be integrated into the society that hosts them’’.

Tasos Vougidis (Kayak coach): ‘’Olympiacos always promotes sport and shows its social profile, not only to prove that it’s a top club but also contributes to the Greek and European social growth. These actions honour our country, culture and sports. Olympiacos is a pioneer in this kind of actions and specifically, those related to the social integration of refugees’’.

Alexandros Mylonas (Athletics Coach): ‘’It is an important event that is organized by Olympiacos every year. The kids practice different sports under the guidance of experienced coaches. Young refugees also had this opportunity this year living pleasant moments through sport’’.

Petros Georgovretakos (Boxing Coach): ‘’It is very important that Olympiacos takes part in #BeActive and leads the European initiative for the social inclusion of refugees. We are the best club in Greece and we are pioneers in such social actions as well’’.