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‘’You’re Hope’’ is a project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. This is a ‘’Small Collaborative Partnership’’ ...


Aalborg Boldspilklub, (AaB). Since its foundation in 1885, Aalborg Boldspilklub (AaB) leads the sport movement and sport initiatives in Denmark, achieving results at national and European level in 7 disciplines, among which football, tennis, American football and ice hockey. 
Among its main achievements there are 3 National Leagues and 2 National Cups in Football, and 1 National League in Ice Hockey. Aab is also in first line in social aspects of sport having about 60 trainers and 80 volunteers. For example, it runs programmes related to the promotion of healthy life-style among youngsters with school meetings. Moreover, young athletes are helped by the club in their homework when at school and in finding a job thanks to the Clubs’ network. A special Aab programme also provides funds for sport fees and training clothes for young people with a low income.