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‘’You’re Hope’’ is a project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. This is a ‘’Small Collaborative Partnership’’ ...

Levski SC

Levski SC – Sport For All. The club is named after Vasil Levski, the national hero of Bulgaria. Founded in 1914, Levski Sofia has been for a century leader in the sport movement in Bulgaria, with 35 sport sections and being the Bulgarian club with most results at European level. Levski Sofia is the only Bulgarian club to have won the European Champions’ Cup in three different team sports – basketball, volleyball and athletics. To date, the club has reached 25 European club Finals (won eight titles) – one EuroLeague, one CEV Champions League, two European Champion Clubs Cup (athletics) titles, two EuroCup titles, and two Balkan League titles; and played in (17 finals) – four CEV Champions League Finals, two European Champion Clubs Cup (athletics) Finals, six CEV Cup Winners’ Cup Finals, EuroCup Final, two Balkan League Finals, and two Balkans Cup Finals. The athletes of sport club Levski have won almost 1,000 medals in their history: they have won 370 World Championship medals (107 golden), 474 European Championship medals (159 golden) and 83 Olympic medals (15 golden).