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Tuesday, 30 January 2018

1st Day in Brussels

The annual General Assembly of the European Multisport club Association (EMCA) was held with great success in Brussels yesterday evening. The Olympiacos delegation impressed with its presence for another time.
The meeting started with the President of the Association Vanina Milanova and the General Secretary Federico Eichberg welcoming the participants and introducing the new members. Moreover, the participants reviewed the 6 programs that took place during 2017 and discussed some issues and questions that arose from them. A special reference was made to the 'You're Hope' project in which Olympiacos is leader with the General Secretary of our club and Project Coordinator, Christina Tsiligkiri, stating:

''In the tonight meeting, we have the opportunity to make an introduction to "You're Hope" project which aims at the social integration of refugees through sport. From 2015, when the refugee crisis started, Olympiacos was next to the refugees offering food and medicines. Three years later while the problem continues to exist, Olympiacos leads at European level by organizing sporting activities for refugees. This programme focuses mainly on young children and their integration into Greek society through sport. ''
The largest part of the meeting was dedicated to the discussion about the next steps of the Association and the implementation of new programmes. The Olympiacos delegation was particularly active by stating its support for the remarkable ideas of other clubs as well as by submitting innovative proposals for the implementation of a dual-career project, sport tourism and social inclusion of people with mental retardation. These proposals have received positive comments and the partners are expected to proceed with their implementation in 2019-2020.

The meeting continues in the premises of the European Commission, including sections about practical issues during the preparation and implementation of Erasmus + sports projects. The involvement of sports clubs and organizations is expected to be great by giving a good chance for the development of more collaborations and initiatives.